Friday, April 22, 2011

15 min extra time for professional course

Hope by this time, when I am writing here, the announcement has reached maximum students of CA, that they shall be allowed 15min extra time for CA exams excluding CPT (the entrance exam for CA professional course). The new announcement definitely invites debate as to what shall be the level of question paper now.

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  1. “First Step” read the INSTRUCTIONS carefully.

    “Second Step” – read each and every question carefully and strike-off the question or the part of question which you think; you won’t be able to answer/attempt (if any).
    After second step, you will be left with only those questions or part thereof which is to be answered / attempted, whatever be the extent of writing / solving.

    “Third Step” Find out the question(s) / parts of question, you find comparatively easy and rank them in priority, so as to start with them initially. Don’t adopt an approach of solving these questions at the last moment, as some students think that these questions can be solved quickly and they approach to them only during last one hour or even less than an hour.
    Remember: Solving / writing of first hour acts as booster during the balance two hours, so set a clear-cut target of attempting for 30 to 40 marks in first hour………………it really works…………Good luck….
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